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5th Annual Heart of the Home Kitchen Tour

Hand painted Backsplash and cabinets

Today was the 5th Annual Heart of the Home Kitchen Tour to benefit The Wenham Museum!

A wonderful stream of visitors came through the kitchen today – from young couples who were just beginning to design their first kitchen in their first house to a number of fabulously chic women in their 80's who oozed creativity and I wished they could stay all day! I loved meeting each and every one of them and look forward to working with some they are looking for, respond to and just adore. The yellow Big Chill Refrigerator and Stove were both a HUGE hit – I think there will be a few more dotting the north shore come spring. I did not like their original yellow – it was too ‘green’ and ‘cool’ a yellow and did not match my all time favorite yellow – Benjamin Moore Yellow Lotus – so they were able to match my yellow exactly with the powder coat finish on the fridge and the stove. I was thrilled – yes, it did put a hefty addition on the price tag- but I have a fridge and a stove in my all time favorite color.

It was so nice to see everyone SMILE when they walked through the door – everybody remarked on what a Happy Kitchen it was – and is! I had so much fun painting the cabinets and pulling it all together. It is so much fun to pull all these details together.

Fun handprinted cabinets with the happy yellow fridge

The maple slab island and birch butcher block counters add a warmth to the bright sunny kitchen. I re-used my Mackenzie Childs knobs that I have taken from kitchen to kitchen since we were married years ago!

The four footed kitchen helpers ensure no crumbs ever make it to the floor! Armstrong checkerboard linoleum tiles continue the mid century vibe with antique Tole Daisy chandeliers from France that I re-wired and re painted to pull it together.

A "mudroom" spot with rubies for coats and shoes is the first stop when you walk in the door. And a basket for mail on its way in or out!

I painted a set of plates to match the cabinets - one for each member of the family -

The vintage iron patio furniture is perfect for this family room that also houses two dogs and a giant rabbit - nothing chewable and quite washable!

Sophie Rabbit's screen doors were shut for the tour, but usually she has free run of the kitchen and family room - house rabbits are very trainable to a litter box!

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