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And That's a Wrap

We finally had a killing frost which was beautiful in its crystal killings. The Dahlias have all blackened and I pulled them all from the ground and will begin the long process of cleaning, drying, dividing, labelling and storing them for the winter. It is always anyone's guess as to how many will survive my less than ideal storage conditions. The garage is too cold (it gets well below freezing) and the basement is too hot because the boiler is down there. I try to keep them in the coolest part of the basement nestled against the bulkhead door in hopes that some of the outside chill will keep the warmth from the heater from shriveling the tubers.

I was able to make one more bouquet for my #100daysofbouquets plus which was great - what a fun project that was, and I was glad the garden was so bountiful to keep the flowers coming will past the usual first frost! Almost a whole extra month!

I cleaned all the beds and they look so empty now - a good respite for the soil as well.

I saw George the bunny one more time - he was hopping across the back lawn and hiding behind the terrace garden. I went to go sit on a rock about five feet from where he was and he sat there quietly and listened while I chatted to him. He really is a magical rabbit.

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