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October Glory

The October garden did not disappoint! The dahlias were in full splendor and the morning glories managed to take over the all the arbors they could find. There were dozens of butterflies in the garden every day, eating much nectar to ready themselves for the long flight south this fall. We even had some abvulous Parying mantis (mantii ?) that were well camouflaged behind the rose vines, but I could see them from inside the kitchen window screen. Every morning we would go outside and see the sleeping bees snuggled into the open faces of the dahlias ad sunflowers. Apparently these are the bumble bees that have been kicked out of the nest before winter comes, andtheyt are forced to sleep outside!

I am amazed at the variety of butterflies and insects that inhabit this garden, and happy knowing that there are no chemicals that could harm them.

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