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Hand Embroidery Stitchbook Kits

Hearts and Flowers  (green)

Hearts and Flowers (blue)


  Create your own 6 page handmade embroidery stitch reference guide that you can tuck into your sewing basket or bag and always have a reminder of how to create more than a dozen common hand embroidery stitches. 

The kits include everything you need to create these charming Stitch Books.

IMG_2941 (1).jpg

The kits are $45.00 plus $7.50 priority shipping in the US. Let me know through the contact page if you are interested in buying one!  

IMG_2946 (1).jpg
IMG_3289 (1).jpg
IMG_2947 (1).jpg
IMG_3286 (1).jpg

Everything you need to create this Stitchbook is included in the kit except scissors and a hoop

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