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Custom Designs


It's starts with an idea - a present for a friend? A Wedding? Anniversary? Birthday? Holiday? 

Buying My Work

Most of the pieces I sell are commissions, although on occasion I may have a few originals for sale that are painted when I have the time to just paint for the fun of it!

Why Commission

People ask me to design and paint many different pieces for them.  From small paintings to room size murals, tiles to tabletop, fabric to furniture.  A house portrait can be duplicated as notecards or stationary. A whimsical family vignette can be framed, or painted on top of a picnic basket with a hand-sewn liner.  The unifying thread of what makes someone choose me is their affection for my imaginative and joyful take on flora and fauna mixed with a bold palette borrowed from mother nature and traditional crafts from around the world.  I love to mix color and pattern in unexpected ways, challenging the margins of sophisticated design with my intuitive and improvised approach.


A favorite pet and the flowers from the Bride's Bouquet

Are you looking for something special and one of a kind?
I can't wait to work with you on your next project-
Let's Get Started!

The Process

I enjoy the collaborative nature and novelty of commission work.  The invitation to realize the imagined goals of each project is always inspiring.   Custom design begins with an exchange of ideas in person or by phone.  I am happy to collaborate as much or as little as you prefer.  The objective is to create personalized artwork that is unique and will inspire joy and happiness.


During our initial meeting we will discuss what it is you are looking for? A Painting? A Mural? A suite of furniture for your weekend cottage or your new baby? A dollhouse or toy box? A place to share a meal whether an entire dining room full of furniture and dinnerware or a picnic basket outfitted for two? Is this a present for someone else or a a treasure for you?  What story do you want to tell with this work? How big? How little? What are the specific requirements you have in mind of color or other relevant details.

When would  you like it completed?

At this point we will gather appropriate reference materials, fabric swatches, color chips and any other important details you wish to include.  It is these pertinent design elements and your artistic vision that are my starting point.  Almost anything can be a useful catalyst during this initial phase.   There is a small non-refundable fee for the consultation which is credited  toward the cost of the project if you decide to proceed after reviewing the design proposal.

Design Phase

Back in the studio I will produce some working drawings and color ways illustrating examples of how I envision the project.  The sketches or sample boards (depending on the project) will reflect the overall scope of the project and are a rough draft.  They will clarify the ultimate timing, and therefore pricing, of the overall project.


I will present these boards and/or sketches and we will be able to refine the goals and suggest any changes to be made.  If you are excited to proceed I will send you a contract that includes basic information about what we have agreed upon: size, media, completion date and payment agreement.  Once you return the contract with a 50% deposit (minus the initial design fee) your order will go into my queue for commissions.  Waiting time for commissions varies based upon the scope of the work and how many projects I have preceding.


I will create your commission, keeping in touch if there are any important details to be confirmed.


Your vision is realized! Payment of the balance is due upon delivery.


How Do I Decide What to Charge for My Work?

My prices are based on the amount of time it takes to create each piece.  Time is driven by size and details.  This time also includes any research I have to do, as well as preparing the surface(s) for paint.  There is also the net cost of the raw surface material – Is it a new bench-made piece of furniture or a study antique in want of transformation? The picnic baskets I use are handcrafted in New Hampshire at a family run workshop.  The bisque dinnerware and tiles are sourced from around the world depending on preference.  I am happy to share my costs with you, as my business is custom design and artwork, not wholesale sales.

Let Me Create Something that Brings You Joy

Whether it is tiles for your kitchen or fireplace, or a wedding present for your friends I am excited to paint something unique that expresses the joy and beauty that you celebrate. 

Stumped for an idea? Lets put our heads together and come up with something guaranteed to make you smile!

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